Man suffering from nasal pain and sinus problems

How ENT Physicians Can Ease Your Sinusitis Frustrations

Suffering from a sinus infection? Struggling to breathe out of your nose? Stuffed with mucus and pressure? While your primary care physician can provide you initial insight and short-term assistance with these issues, a specialist can offer long-term solutions.

What is an Otolaryngologist?

An Otolaryngologist, also known as an Ear Nose and Throat doctor (ENT), focuses on treating patients suffering from ailments and diseases of the:

  • Ear
  • Sinuses
  • Pharynx
  • Larynx
  • Esophagus

Otolaryngologists vary in treatment specialty and are well-versed in accompanying procedural treatment plans. However, some ENTs choose to specialize in one area. At North Texas Sinus Center we concentrate on the sinuses and offer their patients options for congestion, rhinitis, and sinusitis. Many complications may arise in these areas due to allergies and health problems, including blockages in the sinuses. Common illnesses and health issues diagnosed at North Texas Sinusitis Center includes:

For each of these complications, there are several courses of action you can take with the guidance of an otolaryngologist. With sinusitis, for example, an ENT may prescribe medication, recommend a sinus infection remedy, balloon sinuplasty, other minimally invasive office procedures, and sinus surgery.

Waiting on Sinus Infection Treatment Extends Your Suffering and Complicates Your Condition

No one deserves to suffer. Waiting to see a specialist about your condition could prolong the daily anguish you face and allow your issue to worsen. Something as seemingly simple as a sinus infection, sleep apnea, or a deviated septum could cost you thousands of dollars in time lost at work, medications, and procedures, and ultimately jeopardize your long-term health. You can make a choice to continue to deal with issues as they come back time and time again or look for long-term relief that an ENT can help you find.

Want permanent sinusitis relief?

Chronic sinusitis and nasal congestion sufferers come to see Dr. Gilmore from Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Plano, Wichita Falls, and beyond.

If you are ready to work with an otolaryngologist who will assist you in overcoming your sinus infections and enjoy long-term results, then we are the practice for you.

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